Tobolsk, the Historical Center of Siberia

Tobolsk, the Historical Center of Siberia

Tobolsk is a many-sided city with a complex and interesting history. Its formation was brought by the successful campaign of Yermak, who with his Cossack troops won the battle for the capital of the Tatar khanate — Isker, located near Tobolsk. During Peter the Great's time, the city became the center of Siberia. The administration of the Siberian province, which at that time stretched from Vyatka to Kamchatka, was governed by the Governor-General from the Tobolsk Kremlin — the only stone kremlin beyond the Urals. After a while, the city became associated with the exiles: the Decembrists Korolenko, Chernyshevsky, Dostoevsky, and at the beginning of the 20th century — the family of the last Russian Emperor Nikolai II. Today Tobolsk is the spiritual center of Siberia.
On city tours you will walk the old streets, filled with history; you will visit the Yermak Garden, the Yershov Garden, you will see the prison castle, which housed the exiles, and will get to know many interesting facts. You can also admire the local architecture, the main attraction of which is the Tobolsk Kremlin.

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