The village of Uspenka
Excursions for schoolchildren

The village of Uspenka

Visit the real peasant hut, reflecting the rural life of patriarchal Russia, get acquainted with the inhabitants of the fauna of the south of the Tyumen region, and learn about the work of grain growers schoolchildren can on a large excursion to the village of Uspenka.

In this settlement is the Uspensky Museum of Local Lore with numerous exhibition halls. One of them is dedicated to the birth of bread. How to create a fragrant bun, loaf or shaped loaf, from which it is so nice to break off a crispy hot crust, tell the guides. Here the guys will see all kinds of tools, with the help of which they cultivated the earth, sowed bread, our ancestors harvested.

Another stop is the Museum of Nature. Here you can find out what birds, mammals and fish look like in their natural habitat. In the hall are collected stuffed animals that live in the Tyumen region. Guides will share interesting facts about them.

In the hall, stylized as a peasant's hut, you can see household items, clothes, furniture, stove, utensils and other antique utensils. Schoolchildren will come into contact with the authentic antiquities that the peasants used in their daily life, and in their experience will see how far progress has made in our days.

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