“Sightseeing Tour of Tyumen” on Bus

“Sightseeing Tour of Tyumen” on Bus

You will pass through the empty Tyumen streets and plunge into the city's history.
Thanks to the tour, you can find out more about:
· when and how Tyumen was founded;
· who were the most outstanding personalities in the city;
· what are those merchant mansions and who lived in them;
· who visited these parts — travelers, writers and even emperors;
· how Kolchak and Lenin are conncected to the city, what happened here during the Russian Civil War and many other things.
Up to 30 people per tour. Children 7 years or older are allowed.
Gathering of participants: 5 Perekopskaya Str., Tyumen.
Adult tickets: ₽600 ($8).
For the elderly and children: ₽500 ($7).
More information available via the phone 7 (3452) 735-666 or on the tour's webpage: turkontora.ru. Online booking available at https://widget.bookform.ru/18400.

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