Misterious Tyumen Very scary but hell yeah exciting tour around Tyumen
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Misterious Tyumen Very scary but hell yeah exciting tour around Tyumen

On this night, when the gates between the worlds will open over our city, an exclusive tour of the most mysterious and sinister places of the Tyumen legends will take place. The ancient streets and houses will appear in their true, otherworldly appearance, and the evil old woman Efimiya and her neighbor Yermoshka will tell who is hiding in them under the charming mask of the night: the ghosts of Tyumen merchants and common people, victims of social temperament and our fellow countryman Rasputin, famous for the whole world. And that's not all who meet the desperate passengers.
It will be a terribly interesting excursion.
Excursion program: a thematic tour around Tyumen: Sarai, Tychkovka, Potaskui, Tataro-Bukhara and Yamskaya slobody, territories of the former cemeteries of Tekutyevkoye and Vsekhsvyatskoe.

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