“Merchant Heritage of Tyumen” Bicycle Tour

“Merchant Heritage of Tyumen” Bicycle Tour

"We'll go for a ride in the places where a bus won't drive, and a hiker won't walk. The length of our route is five kilometers along a winding path, set up by the guide.

During the two hours of the tour you will:
— see the shops on the Tsarskaya Str. and the houses of famous merchants;
— take a ride through the oldest district of Tychkovka;
— admire the embankment;
— take a closer look at the wooden carved decorations of old houses;
— discuss what merchants' money was spent on and how they lived behind their blind fences.

The tour does not include bicycles.

Up to 15 people in the group. Children 7 years and older allowed.

Ticket price:
— Adult — ₽400 ($5.5)
— The elderly — ₽300 ($4)
— Children (7-18 years) — ₽300 ($4).

More information available via the phone +7 (3452) 735-666 or on the the tour's page: https://xn--80atjdbiekef.xn--p1ai/ekskursii/kupecheskoe-nasledie-tyumeni

Booking: https://turkontoratmn.timepad.ru/event/1021930/"

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