Literary Express
5 hours
Excursions for schoolchildren

Literary Express

5 hours
During the excursion, the curious audience is accompanied by a guide in the image of Nadezhda Luhmanova, a famous St. Petersburg writer who lived in Tyumen for several years. And she has something to tell.
Guests are expected to meet with Mikhail Prishvin, expelled from the Yelets Gymnasium "with a wolf ticket" - "for insolence to the teacher of geography" and the will of fate, which turned out to be in Tyumen, "where there are many people living and working on bird rights." Mikhail tells the guests about his works, in which part of the events took place in the city on the Tour.
Having made a promenade along the streets of Tyumen, we will visit the literary and regional studies center where the exposition "Slavka from Herzen Street" is located, dedicated to the work of writer Vladislav Petrovich Krapivin.
This tour helps to feel the spirit of literary Tyumen and introduces writers who started their literary path in our city, raises the level of knowledge in literary study of local lore and forms interest in their native land.
And our literary express will finish with a tea party with your favorite dessert. Pushkin-blanmange with a chocolate biscuit and pieces of a pear decorated with fresh, juicy berries and fruits.

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