Legends and tales of our city
In Siberia by own will

Legends and tales of our city

What unites Baba Yaga and Vitus Bering, Tsar Saltan and Yarmak? How are they related to the Tyumen land? You can find out about this by visiting the "Legends and tales of our city" excursion. The route passes along the embankment of Tyumen and opens not only magical views of the Tour, but also veils of the mystery of the origin and being of fairy-tale heroes and legendary personalities.

The excursion is specially designed for schoolchildren. During the trip along the embankment, the children will meet Baba Yaga, Tsar Saltan, Robinson Crusoe, Ermak, Semyon Remezov, Vitus Bering and other heroes of the Siberian legends. Guides will tell interesting facts about the region that not all adults know.

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