Following the Sovereign’s Route
In Siberia by own will

Following the Sovereign’s Route

The interest to the native history grows constantly: monuments of the past, with the opportunity to join the spiritual heritage of our ancestors, the traditions of Orthodoxy. It brings joy, because what is happening shows the improvement of the moral and cultural state in our country.
The Travel Workshop supports these changes and invites all of its friends to try on our new directions, one of them: A trip along the Sovereign’s Route that passed through Tyumen and connected Tobolsk and the cities in the east of our country with Turinsk, Verkhoturiye and then the European part of Russia.
Yermak, with his detachment, conquering Siberia, passed along the water part of that route; the first Siberian exile was the Uglich bell, which was carried on that route in exile for 300 years by the Uglich citizens, who rebelled after the death of Tsarevich Dimitriy. Collected by the Siberian commanders, the detachments of people coming to Siberia by their own will made their way through it with the acquired belongings and families to the designated places of construction of the yamskaya settlements, this is how Turinsk was founded. The first Siberiane archbishop of Siberia and Tobolsk, Kiprian (Starorusenkov), through the spring mudslide, making his way through our wild lands that time, discovered special places of beauty and founded several settlements - today these are villages with a rich history and relics of hoary antiquity, for example, Ust-Nitsinsky, the ancient metropolitan settlement.

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