Excursion "Tyumen in the events of the Great Patriotic War"

Excursion "Tyumen in the events of the Great Patriotic War"

The excursion introduces the schoolchildren to the historical role of the city of Tyumen and its inhabitants in the Great Patriotic War.
The purpose of the event - with the help of monuments, architectural structures and enterprises working during the Second World War, to highlight the events that took place in wartime in the territory of the region.
The main goal of this excursion is to educate patriotic feelings and pride in the exploits committed by our countrymen during the Great Patriotic War on the fronts and in the rear.
In the program of excursions such sights as: a monument to workers of rear in the Great Patriotic War; Square of airborne troops; a monument to soldiers-afghans, a chapel; a monument to scout Nikolai Kuznetsov; Location of the sarcophagus with the body of V.I. Lenin during the Second World War; a monument to students of schools in the city of Tyumen, who did not return from the war; Eternal flame; Alley of glory to the heroes of the Second World War; Square of Siberian cats; Memory Square.

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