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City tour with flashlights

The city falls asleep, and you go in search of the mysterious and amazing, looking at the architectural decorations and elements, unraveling the magic-spell ornament ornaments of houses. During the original tour with flashlights" The city falls asleep ... ", you will make an extraordinary journey through evening Tyumen - sometimes new and unfamiliar.
Wooden and stone houses with a lush architectural decoration - beautifully restored and quite dilapidated - each of them has its own destiny, which requires "correct" lighting. On the facades of old buildings, when illuminated at a certain angle, one can see what one does not notice at times.
Accompanies the excursionists Svyatoslav - the master of wooden affairs and the wife of the city architect Varvara Chakina. On the route there are characters from the history of the city: the merchant Rodionov for the samovar will tell about her husband's photo pavilion, will show pictures of the beginning of the 20th century and treat them with pies; Konstantin Chakin will meet curious visitors on the streets of our city and tell us about his architectural creations.

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