Chronicle of Siberia in the wooden architecture of Tyumen
Tyumen merchant

Chronicle of Siberia in the wooden architecture of Tyumen

The international excursion route will acquaint visitors of the city with our rich heritage, rightfully called the chronicle of Tyumen in wooden architecture.
The walking tour includes the treasures of wooden architecture, which we managed to preserve for descendants. Colorful merchant mansions of the nineteenth century, monasteries and churches in the classical style – Tyumen is a vast reserve of Russian folk architecture. The wood carving shows own uniqueness. Art critics classify it as a Tyumen variant of the Siberian baroque. Bright, elegant, voluminous, it became the center of the first international tourist route. Masters, in most cases unknown, could create the harmony of construction and decor in each facility.
The route consists of 12 objects: the house of the photographer Rodionov, the house-shop of merchant Andreyeva, the Kolokolnikovs homestead.
"The platband only shows all the prospects. A wooden merchant's house, like a book, every element of wooden carving is like a page. You approach the house and read, read the curls, read the patterns, ornaments. You read this carving. And you learn more and start to reveal yourself, then the mutual connection goes on, the dialogue. With roots, good strong roots, the tree will grow, give joy, fruits, and further development will go on, "- says the guide, hereditary architect and restorer master Svyatoslav Shitov.

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