Bus excursion to Tobolsk and Pokrovskoe village
The phenomenon of Rasputin

Bus excursion to Tobolsk and Pokrovskoe village

A trip to the magic city of Tobolsk with a visit to Pokrovskoe, home of Grigory Rasputin, will be an event for everyone! The guide will hold a trip for them and will tell you about the development of the lands of the Tobolsk tract.
A visit to the Museum of Rasputin-the Russian, who is known throughout the world-will give you an opportunity to take a fresh look at this ambiguous, but certainly unordinary personality. The museum's exposition was based on the personal belongings of the Rasputin family: dishes, furniture, icons and a genuine casing-cloth from the destroyed house of Rasputin, as well as personal notes and letters from Rasputin.

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