Street Dreams International festival of street theaters
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Street Dreams International festival of street theaters

The International Street Theater Festival – Street Dreams – is traditionally held on the eve of the City Day celebrations in Tyumen.

The festival with a ten-year history includes a variety of genres of street performances: processions on stilts, musical improvisations, stunt impromptu, street clowning, modern choreography, an interactive game with the public, theater of fire, and other types of street theater.

For the first time on the streets of the city, the company of the Mimicry Theater appeared in 2004 in masks of mimes and white gloves, inviting passersby to the illusory world of pantomime. Today theatre companies from many regions of Russia, as well as from Germany, Italy, Argentina, the Czech Republic, and other countries, participate in the Street Dreams festival.

Price: Free

When? 27.7.2019 04:00

Where? Komsomolsky square

Zoi Kosmodemyanskoy St., Tyumen
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