Red Hill Cossack Festivities
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Red Hill Cossack Festivities

To taste the biggest scrabbled egg, plunge into the world of folk music and traditional Cossack ceremonies, take part in fun games, and then spin in the mass dance – everything is possible on the Red Hill festival in Yalutorovsk.

The holiday will take place on May 4 at Sretenskaya Square. Here, the relay from the giant pancake will hand over to the scrambled eggs with cracklings, cooked from 1,500 eggs. One of the highlights of the national Cossack festivities will be the festival of the Cossack culture "Lubo, Cossack brothers!"

Traditionally, in Yalutorovsk a large number of weddings is celebrated on the Red Hill. It is believed that a wedding played on this day will be the key to long and happy family life.

When? 4.5.2019 04:00

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