Nargiz's Concert
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Nargiz's Concert

In 2014, Maxim Fadeyev producer center presented the project with the brightest participant of The Voice. Nargiz is a singer and musician, who became famous in the post-Soviet space after participating in the TV show The Voice. An extravagant singer with a loud, beautiful voice who found her audience and fans. No wonder she said on her way to the stage: "I wish to be myself." Thanks to an unusual and extravagant appearance, and of course, a unique timbre, Nargiz's concerts are very popular. She does not imitate anyone. She never pursues fame, only wants to do what she loves and knows how to do so splendid - to perform music in the style of rock and folk rock.
In September 2016, Nargiz together with Maxim Fadeyev has let out a song Together which enters into a debut album of the singer. The stories of this song and the video clip are unique, for the first time Max Fadeyev performed not his actually written track, but Nargiz recorded a duet with her mentor. Lots of people were waiting impatiently for the premiere. Fadeyev’s creativity always pierces listeners to the depths of the soul and remains in their hearts. Each work to which the composer touches is a story about the eternity, and every song is live and real.

The name of Nargiz Zakirova is a prototype of freedom, outside of time and space ... Her songs sound in the playlists when you need to recharge energy, feel confident! Here it is from the heart ... here it is inside out ... The most incredible emotions will be presented to you by the authentic Nargiz.

When? 5.10.2018 09:00

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