Kasta's Concert
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Kasta's Concert

Vladi, Shym, Khamil, and Zmey are members of Kasta. Do skeptics think that it’s not serious? Did you know that hip-hop, in some way, is Bremen Musicians?  The guys listen to music which is close to those who consider themselves fans of pop music, rock, and even Eastern music.

You will not believe it, but Vysotsky's French recordings in orchestral arrangements, New York rap, early Stevie Wonder, Gianni Morandi, even the early music of Alla Pugacheva helps create such kind of music. It is a reason to reconsider your conservative views and evaluate new hits of the band, which they will perform at their concert in Maximilians, isn't it?
It's high time to forget about deadlines, meetings and other important stuff. Learn from the rappers one main thing - freedom and the ability to enjoy every moment. Listen to their songs - there's a lot about what touches each of us: love, sadness, joy, anxiety...

Russian band from Rostov-on-Don did the impossible – they won the love of the audience, which they never considered to win. Come and see the concert in Maximilians.

Or maybe it's time to meet with former classmates? You wonder what they could do here? Listen to Medlyak, and there will be no questions.

When? 11.10.2018 10:00

Where? Restaurant " Maximilians»

8 B, 50 let Oktyabrya St., Tyumen. Business house «Peter Stolypin» +7 (3452) 53-52-53 Go to site
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