Alexander Rosenbaum's Concert
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Alexander Rosenbaum's Concert

Alexander Rosenbaum has a special attitude towards Tyumen: "I know that I'm always welcome here".
This is the place where you should go after a busy day and relax with all your heart, having heard your favorite songs live performed to the guitar.

Although it is old-fashioned to sing along the songs of bards, the music of Alexander Rosenbaum is still alive. The songs Waltz-Boston, Chyorniy Tulpan, Utinaya Okhota, Esaul, and other well-known songs are sung by the audience during his concerts. At the Alexander Rosenbaum's concerts, there is a sincere atmosphere, everyone who comes to the concert necessarily finds something close, native, easy-to-understand. Perhaps this is the secret of his success.

Art, as you know, heals, and music is a double medicine for the soul.
The music of Alexander Rosenbaum is truly popular, it narrates the ordinary lives of ordinary people, soldiers...
The songs of Alexander Rosenbaum remain favorite out of time and fashion for music.

When? 16.11.2018 00:35

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