Yalutorovsk is a little town of big men. Its unofficial name - the town of Decembrists, because from 1829 to 1856, there were nine Decembrists serving an exile, those who made a huge contribution to the future of the town. The Yalutorovsk Historical and Memorial Museum, which is the only one in the Tyumen region with its Decembrist agenda, as well as the school named after them, the monuments, the streets and the amazing grove will tell you about that part of the town's history. 

Within the town there is a unique tourist attraction - Yalutorovsky Ostrog or a tourist village.The reconstruction of the ostrog or stockaded settlement is placed in its historic place, when it was founded and began to grow. The village is enclosed by a high paling with watchtowers, an artificial moat and a drawbridge; there are spacious wooden buildings on its territory.

Yalutorovsk is the town that reminds russian people of their childhood: the city is famous for sweets “Gulliver”, condensed milk, ice cream, the most delicious waffles "Artek". Following in the footsteps of gastronomic tourism, Yalutorovsk surprises with its gigantomania. The town honorably bears the national title "Pancake Capital of Russia" - for more than ten years the citizens of Yalutorovsk have been making a three-meter giant pancake or Russian blin. This event will leave no one indifferent, because everyone can take part and bake their first giant pancake. 

Throughout the year tourists are attracted to the city with bright and colorful events: Winter Quest "Berendeyevo Tsardom”, Festival of Grandpas Frost (or Ded Moroz - a slavic figure of Santa Clause); Ded Moroz’s Residence; Regional Folk Festival "Sibirskaya Maslenitsa"; Folk festival "Red Hill”; Festival "Singing Summer in the Ostrog"; Festival-Fair "Kvass Feast - for the whole world"; Folk Festival "August Spas"; Folk Festival "Mushroom Boom"; Folk Festival "Cabbage Lady". Once you come to this town, you'll want to come back and experience this heartful, family atmosphere again.

Экскурсии и туры по городу Yalutorovsk