Tyumen is the first city in Siberia, the business capital of the region.
The city is a tourist's find, it has everything for a comfortable holiday: city tours, excursions, river walks, ancient merchant quarters, real Siberian cuisine in all its variety and much more. On some streets of this city you will see unique wooden carvings, on others you will plunge into the European style.
Tyumen thermal springs are the visiting card of the city. Thermal waters by their composition are many times superior to similar resorts in France, Italy, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. The water temperature stays at +39-40 °С all the year round, so bathing becomes especially comfortable in autumn and winter due to the contrasting combination of hot water and cold air. Thermal springs are both within and outside the city, so if you want to enjoy nature, you can choose a recreation center, which is also quite a lot.

 Tyumen - a combination of history and modernity: restaurants on high floors, hotels of federal level, 4-level embankment in contrast with merchant mansions, cozy streets and squares. A quiet, cozy city with beautiful views, hospitable people and a variety of entertainment will forever remain in your heart.

Экскурсии и туры по городу Tyumen