The city of Tobolsk is the historical centre of Siberia's governance, so called Siberian treasure. Tourists are greeted by the Kremlin, which stands on Trinity Cape.

Tobolsk is the historical capital of Siberia. It is a city of legends, harmoniously combining the fine architecture of ancient buildings, cozy green streets, the exploits of the discoverers and high industrial technology.

The main pearl of the city is the only stone Kremlin beyond the Urals, towering on the most picturesque Trinity cape and opening a symbolic gateway to Asia. Being on the observation deck of the Kremlin, the confluence of the mighty rivers - Tobol and Irtysh - with beautiful forms of architecture takes your breath away. The Tobolsk Kremlin is a big beautiful bird, spreading its white wings over the Nizhny Posad and the flood meadows beyond the horizon.

For centuries, Tobolsk has inspired scientists and cultural figures. It is the birthplace of chemist Dmitry Mendeleev, composer Alexander Alyabiev, artist Vasily Perov, founder of electronic television Boris Grabovsky, and many other talented people. It is the city of fairy tales and the city of dreams, which can be seen in the work "The Hunchback Horse", and then get acquainted with its author and favorite characters in the public garden of P. P. Ershov.

The city carefully preserves its history for tourists - in numerous museums, in mansions made in the style of the Siberian Baroque, in the art of bone carving. At the same time, an industry is developing in Tobolsk: everyone can learn about the "green technologies" of the SIBUR company, take a walk among red-listed plants on the ecological trail.