About Tyumen Region

About Tyumen Region

Tyumen Region is one of the most attractive regions with a rich historical heritage and very advanced present. The region is called the Gate of Siberia: it opens the largest part of our country – mysterious, immense and amazing.

Here are the oldest Siberian cities – Tyumen and Tobolsk located. A rich history, a merchant's spirit will leave an unforgettable impression, also warm hospitality for what Siberia is famous. Tyumen is a land of strong-willed people, the small homeland of many outstanding personalities. Dmitry Mendeleyev – a great chemist, Grigory Rasputin – one of the most mysterious figures in Russian history, and other famous and talented people, were born here.


In winter, our region turns into a snow fairy tale, and in summer – into a cozy floral land. We have 288 sunny days per year and the highest Happiness Index among Russian cities.

Cold winters are common for Tyumen up to -25/-30 degrees Celsius, and hot summer up to +30 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in winter is -15 °C, and in summer + 20 °C.

In Tyumen, tourist can find all the necessary facilities.

There are more than 100 comfortable hotels in the region where guests from different cities of Russia regularly stay. Those who want to enjoy the top-class living conditions entirily will be able to stay in four-star hotels. For those who prefer budget tourism, there are cozy modern hostels. The accommodation capacity of the city is about 6,500 places.


Unique historical monuments, rich culture, and unusual nature attract tourists from all over the world. In Tyumen, there is the only four-level embankment in Russia, the pedestrian cable-stayed Bridge of Lovers, one of the largest and modern circuses in our country, the highest bronze monument of Lenin in Russia, the largest building of the Drama theater in Russia, an uncountable number of parks and gardens. Tobolsk is the city that has saved the most eastern Kremlin in Russia and the last that was built, as well as many ancient temples that are classified as a unique style of the Tobolsk Baroque. Also, there is the Abalak Holiday Villiage, the house where the imperial family lived, the museum of G. E. Rasputin in Pokrovskoe village. In the town of Yalutorovsk, there is the Yalutorovskiy Ostrog ( a wooden fortress), where you can dive into the world of peasants’ fun, feel and enjoy the traditions of the Russian culture. Tyumen Region is famous for its perspective educational and scientific centers, innovative enterprises and high-tech medical care.

Tyumen is the cultural center of Siberia and Russian Orthodoxy

There are more than 30 temples and churches in the city. Tyumen is noted for its tolerance because there are places of different religions: Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, and Jewish. Lenina Street is called "the street of three faiths" because there are Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church, and the synagogue located the together.

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